​You can pay cash or with Dankort and cheque – international credit cards are not accepted. Payment must be done after every treatment. For larger treatments a deposit of 50% of the amount must be paid in advance.

At any time, no matter the extent of the treatment, you can ask for a verbal or written price estimate of your treatment – this is always free.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are valid from 1/4-2017.


Diagnostics etc.

Status examination161,74 kr​
Status examination 18-25 years old94,35 kr​
Examination - first appointment334,85 kr
X-rays in connection with examination206,54 kr
Cleaning of teeth202,41 kr
Cleaning of teeth no subsidies337,35 kr
X-ray single tooth147,69 kr


Composite tooth fillings (plastic fillings)

One surface - front tooth​415,00 kr
Premolar 1 surface750,00 kr
Premolar 2 surfaces950,00 kr
Premolar 3 surfaces1200,00 kr
Molar 1 surface850,00 kr
Molar 2 surfaces1200,00 kr
Molar 3 surfaces1500,00 kr


Root canal treatments

Root filling, 1 canal​1550,00 kr
Root fillings, 3 canals3850,00 kr


Removal of teeth

Extraction of single tooth​​325,81 kr
Surgical removal of tooth2350,00 kr


​Paradentosis treatments

Paradentosis examination466,46 kr
Cleaning of root (paradentosis treatment)104,75 kr
Extended tooth cleaning277,30 kr


Crowns, bridges & implants

Crown (gold or ceramic)6050,00 kr
Porcelain crown, front tooth6500,00 kr
Bridge 3 segments (replacing 1 missing tooth)17500,00 kr
Implant incl. healing abutment11400,00 kr
Implant crown6050,00 kr
Abutment2400,00 kr

The prices for crowns and bridges are without X-rays and anaesthesia



Partial prosthesis11000,00 kr



Local anaesthetic300,00 kr​
Whitening trays (pair for upper & lower jaw)2500,00 kr
Whitening gel for home use (14 days)600,00 kr
Hard bite tray3650,00 kr
Non-appearance for appointment (per 30 min.)263,00 kr






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